luís sarmento ferreira
Current Projects

bio.text the bio.text project. offline prototype ready

bio.text is a metaphor for the poetic and organic nature of the hypertext.
bio.text is a life form that has the web for water and people as it's own sun.

keywords: net art, hypertext, alife, interaction, generative art

Latest Stuff

Georges Seurat's afternoon at the movies Georges Seurat's afternoon at the movies (2016)

ocidental sentimento dum o ocidental sentimento dum o (2015) - From Cesário Verde's O Sentimento de um Ocidental
for the web

o decisor babel's monkeys (2012)
On exhibit (No Legacy || Literatura Electrónica) at the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Doe Library, UC Berkeley, Mar. 11 - Sep. 2 '16
presented at xCoAx 2014, 25-28 Jun.'14
net art net art (2010) - where is the net art object?
for the web

o decisor o decisor (2009) - circumstantial negotiating effort
interactive installation
presented at museu de Aveiro 18-28 Jun.'09
biodada bio.dada poetry (2009) - it's Dada natural evolution!
for the web
powered by bio.text
d.dialogue d.dialogue - human/digital shared space
with José Vasco Carvalho
interactive installation
presented at prémio mapa. Nov.'07
my.celium my.celium - organic shared environment
with Pedro Baptista and Tiago Abelha
for the web
três porquinhos Três Porquinhos (versão politicamente incorrecta)
written by James Finn Garner,
with Mariana Pinto and Nuno Ferreira
interactive CD-ROM
três porquinhos B#G
with João Seabra
web / interactive installation
presented at Universidade Católica Portuguesa from the 23th to the 30th of November 2005
Where i end Where I End
with Pedro Baptista and Tiago Abelha
interactive installation
presented at Bienal Cerveira on August 2005
DMUI DMUI - dynamic multi-user interface
with Pedro Baptista and Tiago Abelha
for the web
biobitv2 b10.b1t v2
interactive installation
biopix b10.p1x - genetic model for visual production
interactive CD-ROM
featured on POPUP (a show on urban living for the channel 2 of the portuguese national television)
biobit b10.b1t
sound interactive installation
presented at CITM-UPC (Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimedia) in Terrassa
honey Honey...(Red Delay)
for the web
made for pinkpong.org under the delay theme.
3 espaços 3 Espaços
interactive CD-ROM
one of five selected works in the category of cyberart for the 2003 edition of Jovens Criadores in Algarve.
presented at Bienal Cerveira on August 2005
pinkpong pinkpong.org (archived version)
with Mónica Santos, Paulo Carvalho and Pedro Baptista
an experimental design webzine
featured on Web Design Index from Agile Rabbit Editions
simple chat simple chat
for the web
one minute one minute
for the web
TV_zappingStories TV_zappingStories
for the web
m_city m_city
with Graciana Sousa
interactive installation